Cybersecurity Guidance By Realising Designs & The Forge Partnership

Protecting against Insider threats

Inside threats refer to cyber attacks that originate from within an organisation, either by malicious actors or by negligent employees. These types of attacks can be particularly dangerous as they often go unnoticed and can cause significant damage to a business’s reputation and operations. To protect your business, it’s essential to understand the methods used in inside threats and take steps to prevent them from being successful. In this article, we will explore how to protect against inside threats and provide practical tips and best practices for safeguarding your business.

  1. Regularly conduct background checks for employees and vendors to minimise the risk of hiring malicious actors.
  2. Have a clear security policy in place that employees can follow to identify and report suspicious behaviour.
  3. Implement strict access controls, so that employees only have access to the data and systems they need to do their jobs.
  4. Monitor employee behaviour, such as logging into systems, accessing sensitive data and sending emails, to detect anomalies and potential malicious activity.
  5. Educate employees on safe and secure work practices to minimise the risk of accidental breaches
  6. Ensure the security of all devices, including laptops and smartphones, used by employees to access sensitive information and systems.
  7. Have a incident response plan in place to deal with potential inside threats, this will help you to quickly respond to an attack, contain the damage and restore your systems to normal operations as soon as possible.
  8. Create a culture of security, where employees feel empowered to report suspicious activity and understand the importance of cybersecurity for the organisation.